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Malicious Actors

🇰🇵 North Korean APTs

North Korean actors typically support the regime, and their primary motives often align with those of the North Korean government. Additionally, these groups are usually self-funded, requiring them to earn money for their operations.

🇮🇷 APT35

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Iran APTs Overview

This article is about Iranian APT groups, their common goals, differences and some assumptions.

⛔️ Conti

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🇮🇷 APT42

Iranian state-sponsored cyber espionage group tasked with conducting information collection and surveillance operations against individuals and organisations of strategic interest to the Iranian revolutionary guard. https://malpedia.caad.fkie.fraunhofer.de/actor/apt42

🐼🇨🇳 Wicked Panda (APT41)

APT41, Wicked Panda