ðŸŠĪ🐀 Threat Hunting

Integrity Control

As I mentioned, defining a baseline is crucial to filter out irrelevant security and non-security events. There are lots of tools that can help.

Key Hygiene

This is about … .

Malicious Actors

This is about … .

Version Control

This is about … .

ðŸ’Ą All Ideas Yet Unsorted

This is about … .

Threat Hunting in AWS

This article is all about AWS Threat Hunting. There will be many Cloud-wide observations, but for now I am only focusing on AWS.

Threat Hunting Overview

Being proactive is usually better than just defending. You know the saying: “The best defense is a good offense”. That’s a great application of this phrase.

The Deep And Dark Web

This is about the Dark and Deep Web. How is it different from the Surface Web? What use can come out of it? Is it legal? How to do TH there?

Threat Modeling

This is about … .