Toolkit 🧰

Forensic Environment Setup

📕 Windows RTFM

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Cloud DFIR Lab

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Computer Science: Algorithms Workbook

Sliding Window Max Value For the window, we will be using a dequeue data structure, for it takes O(1) for both popping from the start and the end.

Exploit Development Env

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General IT Hacks

Setup Old HP printer on a new Mac - driver #!/bin/bash curl -o ~/Downloads/hpdrivers.

Malware Lab Setup

Malware analysis should always be done with caution. Also, in order to trick the most sophisticated malware into executing, one needs to make it believable that malware is on a real host.

Python Tooling

Terminal Tricks

In this article I will be collecting usful tricks and tweaks with Terminal on macOS. Some or even most of them could run on other UNIX systems as well.

SSH Access Setup Explained

In order to perform actions with you public/private key pair (git, ssh access), you’ll need to configure it first.