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GCFA Certification scored 90%

Successfully passed the Certified Forensic Analyst exam on the 20th of July, 2023. Scored 90%, so, now I am on the GIAC advisory board!

Incident Response Engineer at Flo Health UK

I’ve recently started a new position at Flo Health where I am responsible for Incident Response Managment and some Threat Hunting as well. Good luck to me! Also, I’ve recently won a Google Cloud CTF (Threat Hunting) and got myself a cool backpack 😊

Penetration tester at SolidLab Ltd

In May, 2019 I’ve taken a new career path to widen my knowledge and experience in information security as a penetration tester at SolidLab. Since than I’ve learned a lot, acquired lots of new skills but still that’s definitely not even close to being called a true InfoSec specialist. One working in this field should always be learning, every day.

CEH exam

Successfully passed Certified Ethical Hacker exam, version 9 on 21st of January, 2019.

Reverse Engineer at DoctorWeb Ltd

Had worked as a Reverse Engineer at DrWeb Antivirus Company since 16/10/2017.

As a part of the job, analyzed malware samples statically and dynamically; wrote remediation scripts for infected files, automation scripts for analysis and decryption scripts for obfuscated or encrypted files; analysed web-pages, rtf, office docs, pdf, images for possible infection or hidden data.

Main achievements include: Initiated weekly meetings with colleges to share experience and motivate them for further self-education. Wrote articles for corporate educational website. Shared basic groundwork regarding security auditing tools and techniques.

Moscow State University graduation

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2017

Diploma work: Multidimensional fuzzy classification in typological historical research, developing a program for classification.

Corresponding article based on the diploma work is available here.

This program is now a part of the course at MSU on Digital History Department and is also used in further research at the University.


Since November, 2019. It’s been a while, so I don’t actually remember some challenges behind the numbers. It was a bad idea to implement just counters… As I recall what these challenges were, I’ll add them here in the list.

  1. Pentest and appsec challenges: 24

    1. Skillset - 4 or 6 here
    2. SecSem - 8 here
    3. HackTheBox - some primitive web challege
    4. BeeBox
    5. InsecureBankv2, sieve
  2. Cryptographic challenges: 21

    1. Coursera Stanford Cryptography course - Viginear Cipher
  3. Puzzles: 15

    1. Leonardo Puzzles, the hardest - 3
    2. Sherlock Holmes Escape Book from London
    3. Zahada, reached level 20 or 30
  4. Crackme: 3

    1. Interview CrackMe 1, blog post, no link
    2. Interview CrackMe 2, blog post, no link
    3. SOLE
  5. DFIR challenges: 4

    1. Autopsy training course + challenge

    2. CyberPolygon 1, name ShHolmes

    3. Jigsaw malware (tech assessment during interview process)

    4. Apache accesslog.txt analysis of a webshell upload (tech assessment during interview process)

    5. Won Google Cloud Threat Hunting CTF Challenge on Infosec Europe 2022 🥳


  1. Android Expoiter
  2. Python packet analyser
  3. This website 😄
  4. Reverse CrackMe Toolkit