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My Interests

Created: 28.07.2022

These are some unstructured notes about my interests and where I want to grow.


I won’t be able to become some genius in cryptography; let’s be realistic. However, I can reach a point where I will be knowledgeable enough to assess systems from a cryptographic point of view.

  • Watch the Cryptography course on Coursera again. Do not delve too deep into the maths.
  • Finish all assignments. Keep thorough notes on the assignments finished and how to do them.

File Systems and Data Recovery

That’s yet another field I am very interested in. Very useful to have knowledge about and skill to have. I can only recover FAT, NTFS (carving mostly) and any unencrypted resource.

  • Finish the book that I bought.

Digital Forensics

That’s too broad a topic to cover in a lifetime. Since I am fond of and heavily using macOS, it’s the priority. Time left - Linux -> Windows. Mobile is the lowest priority since most DF techniques require additional hardware and commercial tools and are too rapidly changing to waste time looking into them.

  • GCFA would cover my skills in Windows. But it will be less relevant since I don’t work with Windows OS. Unless I do some CTFs, which are mostly Windows.\

Malware Analysis

  • Allocate some time to read malware analysis papers (case studies).
  • Finish the Art of macOS Malware book.
  • Reread Practical Malware Analysis.
  • Try some RE challenges twice a year.

Analytic Guru

I am using bash and python scripts to their full potential. Create my tool. Be able to parse some unknown files to get relevant data quickly.

  • Explore those tools during the Learning Days.
  • Keep notes of the most valuable things like awk + sort or jq + fzf.


To some extent. Combinatorics, statistics, probability. Primarily useful for programming (O(n) or cryptography).

Martial Arts

  • I got to the Aikido classes regularly.


  • Read when there is spare time.


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