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📚 Linux OS Primer

Created: 08.06.2020

Main Directories

bin - for binary executables. Common commands are found here - ps, ls, ping, grep, cp etc. These are basic programs for proper OS operation.

sbin - same but more about system maintainance like lptables, reboot, fdisk, ifconfig etc.

etc - configurations for user accounts and programs.

var - files that expected to grow and change contantly. Contains /var/logs for surprise-surprise… wait for it… logs. Wow! 😯

tmp - contains temprory files, which are deleted on system reboot.

home - main user directory.

boot - boot loaded files are here.

dev - device files, that represent hardware connected to the system.

lib - shared libraries to use by different programs.

usr - This directory contains user-related programs, libraries, and data files, including system utilities, games, documentation, and other user-related files.

☢️ Can’t be moved from the root: /etc, /lib, /sbin (from some tests on the Internet). ?? ChatGPT says bin, boot, dev, sbin.

Disks and Devices

⚠️ If PATA and SATA are both used, PATA are listed first


Ctrl+A, Ctrl+E - move the cursor to the start or end of the line.

Ctrl+R, Ctrl+S - search bash history (backwards and forwards). Terminate with Ctrl+G.

Environment Variables

LD_PRELOAD affects DLL and Set-UID progs.


[1] About Linux run levels