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Case 5. IBM Example

Created: 28.11.2018

Case Overview

Arya Stark gets an email presumably from Direwolf with an attachment. It looks suspicious and she forwards it to the Security.

Identify possible threats. Identify attack vectors: Website hosting malicious content waiting for a vulnerable browser. This can be countered with: Qradar, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, Next generation firewall.

In Qradar we have several alerts: Malicious URL detected, three possible DDoS and OAS denied access and continued preceded by file infected.

IBM X-Force Exchange, checking for the URL, why is it malicious.

There were three alerts in Qradar:

  • Malicious URL detected: weberdut.co. Check the domain. It might have been malicious in the past, but now it might be clean. If it is still detected as malicious - create a ticket.
  • Potential DDoS attack detected containing DNS Server Error:, Qradar and firewall detected lots of session open/closed events. Going to events revealed that these were requests local-to-local which is typically a normal traffic for a developer, for example. Closed as a non-issue.
  • Potential DDoS attack detected containing RT_FLOW_SESSION_CLOSED: Closed as a non-issue for the same reasons listed above.
  • OAS denied access and continued preceded by file infected. Qradar shows the system and the file name: eicar.com. This file has a unique signature used to test antivirus software. So this might be a probe.

Ticket example:


Timeline example:



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