Apple Mach-O

Created: 28.09.2020

Binary info


Using otool we can get general info about the Mach-O file:

otool -h [app_name]

> Mach header
      magic cputype cpusubtype  caps    filetype ncmds sizeofcmds      flags
 0xfeedfacf 16777228          0  0x00           2   115      11384 0x00218085

Quick refernce on the meaning:

32-bit (ARMv6, ARMv7) – 0xFEEDFACE 64-bit – 0xFEEDFACF Universal binaries – 0xCAFEBABE



nm WindTail/ - view the APIs used. SMLoginItemSetEnabled - Wardle, Patrick. The Art of Mac Malware (p. 25). No Starch Press. Kindle Edition.

Common functions


snprintf_chk is a function in the C standard library that is used for formatted string output. It is similar to the snprintf function, but includes additional security checks to prevent buffer overflow vulnerabilities. Source code example:

#include <stdio.h>
#define BUFFER_SIZE 20

int main() {
    char buffer[BUFFER_SIZE];
    int value = 42;
    snprintf_chk(buffer, BUFFER_SIZE, BUFFER_SIZE-1, "The answer is %d", value);
    printf("%s\n", buffer);
    return 0;

The third argument BUFFER_SIZE-1 limits the maximum number of characters that can be written to the buffer to BUFFER_SIZE-1 (to leave room for the null terminator). This helps prevent buffer overflow vulnerabilities.




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