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  • Game Over

    One sunny 😎 day I came to a coworking office very early in the morning. As usual, I’ve decided to kick it off with a freshly brewed coffee which we never had, so, I had to go with an instant substitute.

  • Once There Lived Admin

    Hey, ps! Would like you to hear a fairy tale? I am sure that you do!

  • 2021

  • The Lord of the Apple: The Return of the iPhone

    πŸ“† 22/08/2021 , Sunday, ☁️ πŸ•° 11:21 AM. It was a cloudy Sunday morning. I was sleeping peacefully till 8:45 AM when my daughter started crawling all over me and my husband asking wether I am awake already… .

  • To Carry Out MockInv'estigation. Part 1

    ❗SPOILER ALERT! πŸ“† 16/06/2021 , Wednesday πŸ•° 09:21 PM. It was a very sunny day and a very nice a long walk that my daughter and I had before lunch.

  • To Carry Out MockInv'estigation. Part 2

    πŸ“† 16/06/2021 , Wednesday πŸ•° 09:21 PM. I had a 7-day license of Magnet AXIOM and I’ve decided to try this tool and compare it with others that I had.

  • How I Got Started With ARM

    πŸ“† Friday, 12th of March, 202 ⏰ 09:00 β˜€οΈ It was a very deceptively sunny morning, children laughing and squeaking merrily.

  • How I Got Started With AWS

    In this blog post I am exploring AWS services (EC2). I am currently using a Free Tier license and I am trying to learn how to use.

  • How I Have Built My Lab

    One late evening when my eyes were so difficult to keep open, I’ve decided to setup a Windows Lab on my M1 Mac.

  • Spoiling Dr Evil

    I’ve decided to solve a puzzle per week just to keep myself “forensically fit”. This is my case study of Dr.

  • 2020

  • A Few Good Bits

    Saturday I’ve recently have had a severe poisoning (I only hope it’s not the rotavirus 😨) and I’ve spent one evening and one day barely moving.