Toolkit 🧰

Terminal Tricks

In this article I will be collecting usful tricks and tweaks with Terminal on macOS. Some or even most of them could run on other UNIX systems as well.

SSH Access Setup Explained

In order to perform actions with you public/private key pair (git, ssh access), you’ll need to configure it first.

🧰 Mac Setup Script

🗒 TODO: Create a repo for this script! # oh my zsh bash themes sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.

📘 Linux BTFM

Variables # no spaces when assigning $0 # the first arg # array array=(1 2 4 5) ${array[0]} ${array[*]} # all items delimited by IFS ${array[@]} # all items ${!

📘 macOS BTFM

python -s -t folder /.fseventsd -o /Users/sentinel/Desktop/FSEvents_Out References

📘 Powershell BTFM

Settings Association It’s better to associate powershell scripts with notepad.exe that PowerShell for security reasons.


Here is the official cheatsheet from SANS. I’ve copied it here for convenience. I will comment some of them after I try each command in the list.

📘 Windows BTFM

FUC (Frequently Used Commands) User Get user’s SID: wmic useraccount where name='veronicazvereva' get sid # or whoami /user # for current user System USB Mounting USB devices on are mounted automatically, but VHD drives might need to be mounted manually.