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Apple Platform Security

Applications or even OS itself doesn’t know the keys that are protected by Secure Enclave. OS only sees Keychain, but the Security Enclave is separated.


generacodice.com/en/articolo/175462/sales-y-contraseΓ±as—prefijo-o-de-sufijo unlike what others said, it does matter! and as @einstein if you care useΒ HMAC.

Best Practices

This is about … .

πŸ“š SSL and TLS

This article explains how SSL and its successsor work. Intro SSL makes use of assymmetric encryption for verification and symmetric encryption for data exchanging.

Encryption Software


Symmetric vs Asymmetric

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In this article I am assembling information about randomness in computer science: how it is implemented, used and how it can be attacked.

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

I’ve written this article while I was untanging RSA and Deffie Hellman inside my head. What I need to stree right here, in the article description, the main difference between them is the Deffie Hellman is NOT a encryption algorithm!


To my utter embarrassment I had to admit that I’ve recently realized I didn’t remember how the RSA worked….


This is the next generation. 128-bit blocks, 128,192, 256 keys. It takes too much time to brute force.

Caesar's Cipher

In this article, I’m dissecting a very well-known (and that’s why not advisable to be used) cryptographic algorithm which is better known for IT tribe as “ROT13”.


DES - Symmetric. Data Encryption Standard. NIST 1993. 56 bit key, 64-bit plaintext input (blocks). How secure?

One-time Pad

One-time pad is like a Viginear cypher but with the key the length of the cypher text.

iOS Keychain

In this article I’m trying to study how keychain works. Metaphor There once lived a monkey πŸ’ George.